Youth DA Program Announcement

by GLW

It’s an extremely exciting day for GLW! 

Today we announce our intent to field winter development youth arena teams! Think of it as a DA program for Arena Soccer. 

In year two of our program, our board established the foundation for what would require a youth development pool to ensure our DNA of the club was sustained long-term. That DNA being, using primarily West Mi local players. This is only one effort we are taking to that end. The other will be bringing back our reserve squad for our Men’s & Women’s competitive squads. 

Owner Pedro Sanchez had these comments: 

“This is one of those moves that is anchoring us as an organization. We’re not going away anytime soon. COVID19 might be a minor setback but we’ll rebound. We’re still in the infancy of the club but we’ve had tremendous support and encouragement in our decisions. Bringing on youth teams is a major undertaking. We also wanted to do it in a way we can complement the youth club schedule. You can play for your club in the Fall/Spring & Wanderers will train you in the Winter and Summer. Even if your club has off-season events, our limited-time commitment is going to allow you to do both. We want to be clear, we’re not here to enter the outdoor club scene. We’re an arena club looking to develop arena soccer skills/players. The ultimate goal for us would be to see a player come in early and develop all the way to be on our Men’s or Women’s squads.” 

GLW will form a limited amount of youth teams this summer with tryout information to be posted soon. 

Teams will play in a local indoor league during the winter & play in a summer tournament (currently TBD based on COVID19). As well have a training session during the week. 

More details to follow. Stay tuned to our site or social media for details. 

If you have any questions please reach out to Pedro directly at: