Wanderers To Enter The MASL3 In 2021

by GRW

A little club with BIG dreams get one step closer to that reality with this move. The Wanderers which began competitive play in 2017 aim to be a top notch organization both on the field and off. The move to MASL3 is one we were able to assist in development. The goal is to provide access to quality ownership groups the ability to develop in the MASL system which in turn will reduce the turnover at the higher levels and provide further brand awareness of MASL1 & M2. 

Our Men's Coach Boogaart had these comments on the historic move: 

"I am excited about the opportunity to coach in the M3.  This will be a great place for players to showcase their talent to professional coaches. The M3 will be a great opportunity for the Grand Rapids Wanderers to show that Grand Rapids can build a strong team that can compete in the MASL ranks".

Within the MASL pyramid you'll find greater collaboration from the top down. In previous years The Wanderers affiliated with Muskegon Risers (an M2 franchise) and in very similar fashion you'll see GRW link with a MASL1 side to provide our players a clear pathway to pro. That's the goal here in Grand Rapids. We've always wanted to be the launchpad for local talent. 

Coach Boogaart concludes with this: 

"I am so glad to see that they are building out an M3 to keep arena soccer building throughout the MASL. This is how many of the great leagues are built. I look forward to learning more about the league and playing some good quality talent which should challenge us".

To learn more about the Major Arena Soccer League III (M3) including membership, please visit

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