COVID-19 - Club Update

by GRW

Grand Rapids, Mi - Covid-19 and 2020 have been one to remember, or should we say forget? From our winter '19-''20 season, ending 3 weeks short resulting in two games to be canceled. To the continual impact on our '20-'21 season. Below you'll find our latest update on the season. This is a fluid situation and we will keep updating the public as we are able to communicate factual plans. 

With the impact financially, our commitment to our sponsors, and the vaccine forthcoming, we have made the decision to move forward with arena competition in March - April. 

The Wanderers will host a four (4) game "Great Lakes Arena Invitational" at SoccerZone - Jenison, Mi. 

Wanderers owner, Pedro Sanchez commented: "No one is winning here. Everyone is struggling, we're just trying to find ways to bring some normalcy and play. Safety is our #1 priority but we also have commitments and players asking to play. If we can ensure we do this safely, we will play. Playing in March allows plenty of time for safety planning, a possible vaccine & fundraising. If we get to March and things have not improved with the virus, we will not play for the safety of everyone involved. Our hope is we will be in a better position by March and we can safely host arena matches with or without fans. We're excited for the opportunity to compete this winter". 

Since early October when the GRW Women's team was able to play in Cincinnati, OH in the Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL) finals from the '19-'20 winter season, everyone has been eager to get back on the turf safely. 

The "Great Lakes Arena Invitational" will focus on more local competition and will future Men's & Women's matches. The tournament will be sanctioned under the Major Arena Soccer League's Third Division (MASL3). Look for dates and opponents to be announced in the coming month.  

We previously attempted to start a youth arena development academy. Due to continual executive/health orders in Michigan, we are putting a pause on the youth teams for this season. If we see a way to move forward with this plan safely, we will communicate.  We hope to begin this program sooner than later so stay tuned! 

If you have any questions, please contact us: HERE